Spins & Needles Studio & Identity

Spins & Needles is a multidisciplinary studio which produces and curates independent cultural projects in shared settings. I co-founded the studio with producer-sound artist and partner Jason Pelletier. Our initiatives include a record label, print studio, events, workshops, site-specific installations and graphic art exhibitions. Our latest project is the experimental art space and storefront Possible Worlds.

Recognized for on site- and socially-engaged programming, our work has been shown in established institutions and pop-up venues in major international cities. Spins & Needles partially inspired the National Gallery of Canada's afterhours public program, Artsparks, and we partnered with them to produce multiple events.

As Creative Director, I lead Spins & Needles artistic programming, experience design, strategic collaborations and graphic art.

I designed our updated logo in 2010 to reflect our evolution to a studio specializing in music and visual art. The circle and triangle pay homage to a needle on a record, as well as abstract shapes that are the building blocks of graphic art. The logo maintains a black and white colour palette to reflect our roots in the DIY movement, as well as the dazzle camouflage motif, the theme of our 5-year anniversary party in 2010.

IMG_7687IMG_1521 5 - social level IMG_9551 ben-portrait-booth  IMG_8948 6127035434_f01e11e452_bIMG_6056_2  tote-bag-full-clear circle-triangle