In De la mimeographie a la risographie et tout le reste entre les deux : Interview de Knust / Extrapool, I interviewed Knust/Extrapool, based in the Netherlands, who are considered pioneers of using stencil duplicators, including the Risograph, for artistic purposes. Their interview looks at how they started in the 1980s, the various stencil duplicators they've used over the years, the developments they've experienced, and where they see this print technique heading in the future.

An article for Risomania: The New Spirit of Printing, a project by Vetro Editions (Berlin, Germany). Published in French in 2016 by Pyramyd Editions (France). Published in English (forthcoming) by Niggli Verlag (Switzerland). An overview of the history and contemporary use of stencil duplicators, including the Risograph.

An interview originally conducted forPrints & Inks 2015: Risograph Edition.

ClientSelf-initiated/Prints & Inks
DateOctober 2016/June 2015
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