Prints & Inks 2015

I curated the 2015 edition of the Prints & Inks Exhibition series presented by Spins & Needles at Possible Worlds. We featured leading international artists, designers, publishers and studios who have pioneered and are producing experimental work using the Risograph, pushing the boundaries of the machine, and disseminating ideas through print in a democratic and accessible way. Featured artists, designers, studios and presses: Clay Hickson | Tan & Loose Press (Chicago, US) | Colpa Press (San Francisco, US) | Gabriella Marcella | Risotto Press (Glasgow, Scotland) | Ink Cha Cha (Hong Kong) Issue Press (Grand Rapids, US) | JP King | Paper Pusher (Toronto, Canada) | Knuckles & Notch (Singapore) | Knust/ Extrapool (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) | Sigrid Calon (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

ClientSpins & Needles
DateJune-July 2015
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