Possible Worlds x Identity

In response to the lack of accessible cultural infrastructure available to the arts community in Ottawa for learning, gathering and experimentation, as well as our desire to engage with more diverse perspectives I, along with my partner Jason Pelletier, launched Possible Worlds in 2015.

Possible Worlds is an artist-run shop, gallery and project space in Chinatown, Ottawa, Canada focusing on graphic art and electronic music. Occupying a 330 square foot former travel agency since February 2015, this micro arts and social hub brings together and showcases the work of contemporary visual artists, printmakers, media artists, sound artists, music producers, DJs, craftspeople, writers, social practitioners and the community-at-large, from Canada and internationally. A curated selection of works is sold in our shop, focusing on new and limited edition pieces produced by local, Canadian and international artists, as well as in-house. Each month we host a range of art and cultural happenings (exhibitions, talks, workshops, meetups, events, installations), with a focus on emerging, experimental, participatory and diverse art practices.

Almost a year later, Possible Worlds is increasingly seen by artists and residents as a small arts hub unique to the city, an integral site contributing to Ottawa’s burgeoning creative scene.

The opening of the space mark the 10-year anniversary of our studio, Spins & Needles.

I designed Possible Worlds' identity and logo in black and white and simple shapes to reflect a minimal, contemporary approach to our project. The interlocking circles along a straight line represent the infinite and various perspectives of experiencing the world, coexisting together.

logo-tagline-square-possible-worldsfortune-cookie-new-ideaspossible-worlds-interior-2IMG_7414feature-wallpossible-worlds-interior record-wall IMG_2170IMG_3065jan-2016-meetuppossible-worlds-street-level