Orientations: Illustrations by Ness Lee

For the first solo graphic art show at Possible Worlds, I worked with Toronto illustrator Ness Lee to curate and present her show.

Ness is a recent graduate from OCAD University in Toronto, but in a few short years has become recognized for her distinctive illustration style and subject matter. Selected as a top illustrator by American Illustration, Society of Illustrators and CMYK magazines, Ness has shown at exhibitions and fairs in Canada and internationally.

In Orientations, the artist draws on her personal experiences – negotiating what it means to be Hakka-Chinese Canadian, a person of colour, an artist, a young female, a daughter – to portray multifaceted characters, often in vulnerable positions and contexts. At the same time, Ness subtly brings attention to and challenges traditional perceptions of Asian beauty, sexuality, nudity and power, bringing together pieces of her cultural heritage to create a strong and candid visual narrative of her own.

I also collaborated with Ness to print a limited edition of 25 tote bags featuring her illustration, Rice Cooker, which was exclusive to our shop as part of her show.

ClientPossible Worlds, Chinatown Remixed
DateSeptember - October 2015
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