Mobile & Making Identity x Shop

Logo and pieces created for Mobile & Making, the alias I used for self-initiated printed apparel and products inspired by exploration, place and travel.

The logo design integrates multiple elements. Mountain tops are paired with a hot air balloon to evoke a sense exploration. The letter "M" is mirrored in the mountain tops as well as the hot air balloon to emphasize my alias and first name.

To reflect the significance of print, the basket in the hot air balloon doubles as a squeegee and the mountain tops double as ink streaks being pulled by the squeegee.

Some of the items I've developed and printed include: (1) Black cotton tote bags are hand silkscreened with adventure-related quotes collected over the years; and (2) Silk scarves are digitally printed featuring photos of different places I have visited.

DateJanuary 2012 to present
logo-final-with-text-800 logo-final-no-text whisper-full serendipity-side sea-full-take2-800 all-scarves-hanging palm-trees-hanging hanging-miami-beach philippines-ferris-wheel-hanging2