A First Lady and Her Shoes

A hand silkscreened diptych of Imelda Marcos, former Philippines first lady, and a pair of shoes from the shoe museum in Marikina, Philippines, where hundreds of her shoes are on display. It plays on Andy Warhol’s pieces Jackie O. (1964) and Diamond Dust Shoes (1980-81) using colours of the Philippine flag. Marcos is acknowledged internationally as one of the most controversial yet popular pop culture icons of the Philippines. The first of several print pieces exploring and attempting to raise the profile of the history, symbols, famous figures and present context associated with being Filipino-Canadian. Filipinos in Canada are one of the largest visible minority and immigrant groups in Canada, but arguably our culture and contributions remain relatively unrecognized. Featured at the Alternative Art Fair in Sudbury presented by la Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, as part of Galerie SAW Gallery's submission.

DateMay 2010
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